Dear all,

This post is revisited from my old blog Lock Stock & Barrel. I am migrating over to WordPress because apparently it’s pretty cool…and I agree!

This is my very first Blog and, a bit like being asked to think of new user name and password, suddenly my mind has gone completely blank.  I’m looking around the room for inspiration but all I can think of is ‘door’, don’t ask me why.

Well, let me start at the beginning, that’s always a pretty good place to begin. The whole reason this Blog business came about for me was all down to a webpage I set up to promote and sell my novels. I have written a number of books aimed at the young adult and cross over market but breaking into the big bad world of publishing is like trying to devour a gobstopper. It’s bloody hard work, sometimes it feels impossible and it makes things in the head region ache quite a bit. Anyway, I decided that rather than spend all of my time acting like Oliver Twist, “Please Sir/Madam can you read some more,” I would take the bull by the horns. I would see what could be done as an individual going it alone ‘literary speaking’ with no backup. I feel like one of the three little pigs, absolutely petrified, but hiding behind a brick wall won’t get my books read now will it? So, instead, here I am cringing behind a wall of straw desperately praying that it doesn’t tumble down around my ears.

I hadn’t a clue when it came to web design other than the following obvious mathematical calculation:-


Web designer + £800 = a cool interactive website that makes you a cup of tea while it promotes your work for you.

Well, my husband and I have just been to Brussels to celebrate our wedding anniversary so there goes one element of the calculation straight away (£800) which in turn means no web designer. Instead I trawled the internet, opening myself up to all sorts of computer abuse and hackers, downloading this and that and happily free trial-ing until I found a nifty little website called WIX. WIX allows you to set up your own webpage…wait for it…for free! Yay! Of course I have to make my own tea but I’m fussy about how much milk I have anyway. All I actually wanted was a page that said “I WRITE BOOKS PLEASE READ THEM” but I have been pleasantly amazed at how much knowledge I have gained along the way. It’s true that my laptop was nearly launched through the window on more than one occasion. But I now have an interactive website with links, pages, pictures and most importantly an extract, blurb and cover picture for my debut novel, POKER FACE, which should be available to Kindle and e-reader by November 2011. I am like so pleased!

If you would like to check out my site it can be found at or just type my name Jess Sturman-Coombs into Google and select the site you are looking for. I have even discovered all about URL’S and added mine to the trawling function carried out by big named sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. So, if I’m lucky – and if I’ve done it correctly which I probably haven’t – they will find my site and list it to help me generate more traffic (which I have also discovered is people browsing the internet and not heavy articulated lorries). Go me!

So, anyway, as part of my lovely new website I was given the option to create a Blog so create one I did and, I’m guessing you’ve already worked it out by now so I’m not holding out for any surprised expressions, here it is! Da da!

I thought I’d better keep it short and sweet but in my next post I will tell you all about Brussels, and my theory on why it’s OK to beep your horn at people over there but likely to get you chased and threatened with a crook lock over here.

Thanks for reading and best wishes.

Jess Sturman-Coombs