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From WIX 31st December 2011


Dear all,

This is just a mini post as there is something here and now I would just like to share.

I would just like to say that the NHS and the people who work for it are awesome. At the end of 2011 I collapsed twice and couldn’t breathe. I spent the day in hospital having scans, ECG’s and bloods, while the professionals feared I had a clot on my lung or a heart attack. Everyone who took their turn at looking after me, breaking difficult news when the ECG said there was something wrong with my heart and the nurses who administered care were exceptionally talented, and I was especially thinking of them as the New Year came in.

If I’d had one I would have raised my glass to the NHS staff who got home in time to celebrate before 12am that night, as well as to the ones that continued to work through all of the fireworks and singing to look after those less fortunate than me.

The hugest thank you to all the people who watch over us day after day.

With love from me, Jess, X